Thursday, 4 August 2011

"Oh hello, America, long time no see!"

I'm Hoooooooome!
Got home last night/this morning at 1am. I got to the Bahamas airport on time, went to Wendy's with Tex, and got to my gate just in time to board. The first flight to Dallas took 2 hours and 45 minutes. So much longer than the 45 min one to Miami. Texas was definitely out of the way. Oh well. Got to Dallas all right and the next flight left about an hour after that. Got on that one just fine. I sat next to this lady who was in the foreign language education. She taught English in Russia for 2 years and is going back soon. The family in front of me had three kids that were a riot. So funny. And the guy next to them was from Shanghai and was starting this program that taught foreign languages to children by using songs. He showed the videos he had and they were really good! So cool. He was going to a conference in Chicago for them. There were a lot of really cool people on that plane, I gotta say. I also saw a boy wearing a Gryffindor hat which made my day. Anyway, got to O'hare at about 11pm. Papa and Pat picked me up (I asked why they didn't stand there with a snazzy sign with my name on it) Long drive home with traffic and crazy Papa's driving landed us in Pontiac, IL at 1am. Just in time to sleeeeep!
I woke up this morning at 8am with Katy Billington, chocolate milk, and donuts! :D Dad had just left to go visit mom, and grandpa would be coming over soon. 45 minutes later I went and woke up EmmaLi. The morning was spent playing with her. My goodness I missed that child (:
Momma came home after lunch today :D She looks pretty good. Of course, and I hope you read this mom! she does more than she ought to (; First of the pre-made meals by ladies of the church was a full out chicken meal with stuffing, beans, potatoes, eggs, and cake by Diana. Soooo good. I'm so thankful for awesome church family. I can't wait to see them!

Overall, it's been an awesome summer. I'll never forget it. I made so many memories and so many friends. I've grown in myself and with God. Whether I go back to the Bahamas or just go on in life, I know that that place and it's beautiful people have made a lasting impact on me. Thank you guys sooo much for all the prayers and support! I'm so blessed! <3 On to the next adventure: Another year at Judson University! (:

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"Katie, are you okay? I heard you went driving with Tex."

Yesterday was my last adventure in the Bahamas.
The morning started out sooo slow. I started cleaning the house for a couple hours and time just moved so slow! Actually it did all day.
At noon Tex and I left to the beach. It took us an hour and a half to find. When we got there it was full of tourists and the water was full of jelly fish, so snorkeling was out of the question. We went to PI because it was right there and got some Jamba Juice. Then we went to Goodman's Bay, which was completely filled with Bahamians at some sort of giant picnic celebration (It was a holiday for them; Emancipation Day) We stayed and snorkeled there for a little bit, but there was nothing to see really, just seaweed. Lame. We left, got some Jamaican Beef Patties, and I introduced Tex to the miracle of the drink Switcha (Basically it's pure lime-ade. Lime juice, cane sugar, and water. DELICIOUS) I went home, showered, and then called madre (: It made my daddy's night, and the same to my mom. Yay! I also took out my little raccoon buddy again. He's so cute. We took a nap together on the chairs in the Media Room. haha.
Today is spent cleaning. Maybe a bit more relaxing in the hammock, but mostly packing and cleaning. Yayyy. :/