Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"Katie, are you okay? I heard you went driving with Tex."

Yesterday was my last adventure in the Bahamas.
The morning started out sooo slow. I started cleaning the house for a couple hours and time just moved so slow! Actually it did all day.
At noon Tex and I left to the beach. It took us an hour and a half to find. When we got there it was full of tourists and the water was full of jelly fish, so snorkeling was out of the question. We went to PI because it was right there and got some Jamba Juice. Then we went to Goodman's Bay, which was completely filled with Bahamians at some sort of giant picnic celebration (It was a holiday for them; Emancipation Day) We stayed and snorkeled there for a little bit, but there was nothing to see really, just seaweed. Lame. We left, got some Jamaican Beef Patties, and I introduced Tex to the miracle of the drink Switcha (Basically it's pure lime-ade. Lime juice, cane sugar, and water. DELICIOUS) I went home, showered, and then called madre (: It made my daddy's night, and the same to my mom. Yay! I also took out my little raccoon buddy again. He's so cute. We took a nap together on the chairs in the Media Room. haha.
Today is spent cleaning. Maybe a bit more relaxing in the hammock, but mostly packing and cleaning. Yayyy. :/


  1. The last 6 weeks have gone fast, but you have been very missed also!

  2. I'd say you made our day!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo good to hear from you without it cutting out every other word! I know you will be sad to leave but we are soooo happy to see you again!!