Saturday, 9 July 2011

"Houston, we have a problem: Erica peed herself and Paul broke the broom..."

Wow! What a week! I haven't had wifi for longer than 10 minutes at a time all weeek, and it's been crazy busy. I'll just put up a bunch of randomness about the last couple days.
The week at camp went really well. It was nice not having to stay for after care or do chores or be in charge of the kids as much this week.
It's been SUCH a blessing having the group from N. Carolina here. I'm going to miss them a lot. As afraid as I was of having 13 girls living with me, it's been amazing. Last night I went to Atlantis with them and today I went downtown with them and dropped them off at the airport. I got a thank you card they all signed, and a total of $175 from two couples and the group as a whole. I'm going to have to keep in touch with them, for sure.
Last night we had the battle of the century for bugs. We killed 8 palmettos during the hour and a half before bed. And one of the girls found a tarantula on the path to the bathhouse. Paul broke the broom trying to kill it (he succeeded though). During the night, one of the roaches fell from the ceiling onto Jordan's chest, so that was a huge freakout session too. This morning we woke up to 5 more dead palmettos that must have gotten in the spray Paul put out.
We had a 'concert of prayer' Thursday night. That was really cool. A lot of worship and prayers. The other group, Mission Discovery joined us for that. God was totally there throughout the whole thing. And that morning Chris (the youth pastor and leader of the NC group) called me out in devotions to share my testimony. He's an ex-Marine and just kind of like that. I misjudged him and disliked him in the beginning, but he's completely awesome.
Tuesday night we threw a birthday party for Tex. The power was out for awhile but it was still good. Jannicka made lasagna and Laticia made a cake and brought ice cream. It was an awesome night.
Uhmm... Tonight Eric,Tex,Sam,Rumell,Kevin,and I are going bowling. That should be fun.
Sorry this is such a short and random post. I've ran out of juice as far as writing goes.


  1. Ok, don't forget you are supposed to leave there and come home in 3 weeks...I have a feeling we may have lost you to the island forever......

  2. Instead of you coming about we come there to visit you? LOL But only after you kill all the bugs! How big are those things anyway?