Sunday, 3 July 2011

"Who you is?"

So first off, let's recap yesterday. The day itself was boring. Eric came over at like 5 asking if I'd ever cut hair before. I said no, so he asked Tom for clippers and helped himself. Then he came back and said that at 6:30 some of the summer staff was going to the centre to get together. Plus Sam. Sam was in Patmos with Tex and worked here for 5 years. She's really cool. The power went out at like 6, so that was unfortunate. So at the Centre we played Apples to Apples (which only me and Jannicka had played before!) And then we ordered pizza and played Wii Just Dance when the power came back on. I was undefeated. haha. It was so much fun. All of us just dancing and having a great time. Tom came round to bring the bus back after picking up the group. I asked what the living situation is. He said he convinced the pastor? to let the girls stay in the house instead of the boys so that I'd get roommates and not have to move. Well.... there's a total of THIRTEEN of them. The house holds twelve people. So there's two mattresses on the floor and every bed is filled. They're from somewhere South, because their accent is super thick. They were all sleeping when I got back last night. This morning I talked to them a little bit. It was chaotic having 13 girls with one bathroom. Man! But I slept through (well tried, at least) most of that. I only showered and stuff as they were leaving for church because our service that I go to with Eric and Tex is later. At church the new series is "Who You Is?" and is about Bahamian Identity. It's pretty interesting, but I've never felt more white. And it was weird to be learning all this and being amidst all the Bahamian pride when the Fourth of July is tomorrow. But oh well. I have to go feed the animals now. Ta ta!

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  1. You'll appreciate having fewer roommates when you go back to college! LOL Don't forget what you learn about Bahamian identity....I want to discuss it when you get sounds very interesting. HUGS