Friday, 1 July 2011

"Why do you get a watermelon? Is it because you're white? ...oops"

So tonight was definitely better than today.
The kids were super obnoxious today and they didn't listen very often. It was a long morning on our field trip to an agriculture center and after lunch dragged on as the kids didn't do as they were told. From the dehydration/heat of this morning and the crazy children I had a headache by noon. Then I had after camper care with Rumell today. After all the kids left I ended up getting in a deep conversation (well, it was basically just him talking) with Rumell. I'm still not sure what to think about it. It started out as he asked what was wrong and I said I had a headache. He seemed concerned so I told him I get them all the time; no biggie. That launched the whole discussion. I was insulted, humbled, and annoyed all at once. It's like he told me that I have headaches because my faith isn't strong enough. That if I believed it could happen, I could get rid of them. I dunno. He had a couple good points though too, like how "To obey God is to love Him and to love Him is to obey him." A problem with this whole thing though is his mother was waiting for him outside for like an hour! Rumell in general confuses me sometimes. I still don't know what to make of him.
Anyway, after he left, Eric came up as I was closing the Media Center. He ended up showing me all the pictures on his Iphone of Haiti and his home in Cali. Then he and Kevin came back to my apt here at camp to see if the internet worked because the one at the center didn't. We chilled for a little bit while Eric told me more about home and the 'friends' he had that are now pro surfers. We went to the grocery store, Eric bought brownies, and we came back and I made them. Eric went and woke up Tex from his nap and brought him back here and we ate my delicious masterpieces of brownie cookie sandwiches with frosting in the middle! The boys left and I skyped Gina :)
Tomorrow I have to move out. :( Next week's Mission Discovery team is bigger and the boys have to stay in the house so I have to move into the apt by Tom's for a week. This should be interesting...Worse comes to worse and I'll just stay with the boys most of the time and just come back to sleep. haha. Next week the team is going to take over the ALC camp so we just get to sit back and relax. We'll still be going there, but we won't be in charge at all. We'll see how that goes.

Pictures of the day:
I want a baby piglet. So stinkin' cute. I learned a new game called Bluebird. And my baking skills. (:


  1. Yes, aren't piglets adorable?! Sorry about your headache and confusion, but I bet those brownie sandwiches made you feel a LOT better!

  2. NO PIGS, NO DOGS, and as soon as these two go, NO CATS!!!!!! I guess you have to get your own place for those things! :)

    As for your headaches, don't let him get to you, I could cure my MS, my cancer and all those other things if I just prayed harder...ummmm NO that is not how it happens!!! Go get some watermelon and enjoy your stay!