Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Wait till I tell everyone I met a college cheerleader in the Bahamas."

Updaaaate time!
Thursday night the boys came over and we made peanut butter cookies and had a bible study (: It was a really good time. I've came to the conclusion that I absolutely love Eric. He's so awesome. haha. He's like that perfect mentor/big brother/friend guy. Anyway, we talked of parts of the book of James during our devotional time. It was really good. I was reminded to do every little thing to 110%, to volunteer to do the nice things and the things no one wants to do, and to go to God with ALL things.
-Oh my goodness. Tom just gave me a large bag of leftover M&Ms. They taste so good! Oh, the little things! (:
So Friday went pretty well. The kids were better behaved for the most part. In comparison to last week at least. I picked Squeezy, the Bahamian Fowl Snake, out of his cage and held him for the kids to see! Now, I'm not afraid of snakes, I just hate the way they feel. Their scales creep me out. So I was hesitant to pick him up, but not frightened. I just had to tell Dad about it(;
Last night I talked to Katy Jones for awhile and got to Skype Ryan Davies! Man, I love that kid. It was crazy, because at one point the conversation came to the point where God prodded me to tell Ryan why I was here. Tell him about how I want to be a missionary and show God's constant love to people. He told me that he thinks that's totally awesome. AND that he's always known God has always been there but hasn't really understood it. He said somehow I made that click in his head! I don't know what I did, but apparently I helped him accept God's love a little more!! And I've noticed a couple of his statuses saying something about praying and stuff. I certainly hope he continues in this forward direction! :D He's so awesome. God has plans for him, I can tell. He just has to get close enough.
This morning has already been interesting! I was reading in the hammock outside when two of the Mission Discovery boys came up to me. They introduced themselves (I forget their names). One was 15, the other 17. They were being typical boys and were like competing for my attention. It was so funny. They were really excited that I, a college student, was talking to them. I mean I didn't encourage them or anything, but it was hilarious. They just left, going back to Texas. Nate said that this is the last Mission Discovery group. So next week will be pretty quiet. Possibly good since it's my last week!
I can't believe I leave so soon! It feels like I just got here!
-Btw, no pictures to post at the moment. I took some Friday, but I left the camera at the center in Chamille's office. I could get it, but her door is basically impossible to unlock with our keys. So they'll just have to wait until Monday.


  1. Ok your previous post left me in tears, this one left me scratching my head.

    Look Shiny things.....

    This was an OCD all over the place as ever. LOL You crack me up girl!

    You might be sad you are coming home but we can't wait to see you again!!! Miss you tons!

  2. Yay, Kaitlyn is coming home! You have been missed big time, young lady!