Monday, 18 July 2011

"Maybe if we talk to my mom, you can take me to the mall sometime!"

So this week I am a counselor! Instead of teaching gardening or crafts or whatever, I have my own group. I am in charge of the 8 yr olds, better known as the ZEBRAS. It's really cool. My group only has 5 kids (for now) so I actually get to spend time with them and form relationships instead of just corralling a bunch of kids together (Like how there is about 12 giraffes!) I hope to really connect with some of them this week. Mark gave us the challenge to align ourselves with God and pick a camper to really focus on this week in prayer. Whatever they need it for, whether they're a trouble maker or a really good kid who God could really do some awesome things with.
So last week I thought I had devotions in the morning, but in reality, it was this week. Eldora did them last week. So my first one was today (1Corinthians 1). It went alright. Micheala told me that I did well. She said she really got something out of it, although I guess it was obvious that I was afraid. Anyway, so when I was reading the next chapter for tomorrow's, I was thinking 'wow, what am I going to talk about?' I googled commentaries to help, and boy did they ever! How did I ever read "We have the mind of Christ" and not think I have anything to talk about? Silly, Kaitlyn. I now have a page full of notes and a brain going on full stream. I mean think about it. Human wisdom tells us that Christ is Christ, and we are not, so obviously we cannot have His mind. But Spiritual wisdom, as is what is important, tells us that the mind of Christ is a gift. Just like salvation, it's impossible to imagine, but as true as ever. We just have to allign ourselves with Christ's mind and look to God and His Word and we'll have the same mind! Which is just crazy awesome!
On another level, I'm talking to Felicia tomorrow when she comes to the ALC and I'll hopefully find out when I can spend the day there. I realized how blind I was for a short period of time. One of the reasons I came here this summer was to figure out if long term missionary work is something of God's will or just mine. Well, I got my answer! I felt the need to stay here, of course. But what I didn't notice is that was just the answer to my question! I have felt the longing to go somewhere (wherever it may be) and make a lasting impact. Antonique may have shown me this, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's all about her. Perhaps the Bahamas isn't even where I'm meant to go. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I'm leaving that up to God. He'll show me when I'm ready. But for now, I'm content to know that mission work is definitely somewhere in my future. (:


  1. "We just have to align ourselves with Christ's mind and look to God and His Word and we'll have the same mind!"

    Very well said! I think it's awesome to see how God is speaking to you...what a journey! HUGS

  2. Well sheesh, it's ABOUT TIME you figured out what God told me YEARS ago!!! Don't you remember us sitting at Taco Johns and I told you you'd be a missionary, this was before we got Em?!!! I KNEW it back then and still know it now!! When you were born I saw you married to a black man and not living near us....I guess I was on to something then too.....Of coarse I also saw your brother as gay so maybe my mother's intuition isn't ALWAYS right. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA