Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Okay so I haven't had internet for like the past couple days. Maybe for like 10 minutes yesterday before it went out. During that time I wrote this, but it wouldn't post. So this is yesterday:
"Well the girls are pretty cool. We haven't 'hung out' or anything, but them seem pretty great. Camp went pretty well today. We just get to sit back as the other crew takes over. Their pastor is this ex-marine. He's kind of crazy. hah. I got to see Courtney and Sasha from the All Saints today. THey're coming to camp this week. Antinique (my buddy from there) didn't come today but I told the girls to bring her tomorrow. I'd die if I get to see her again. For some reason she just tugged on my heartstrings like crazy. But anyway, I think Tex, Eric (maybe Rumell and Kevin too) and I are going to Paradise Island tonight for Independence Day. Since no one cares about it here. :P But PI is like THE tourist spot so they're probably going to be celebrating at least a little bit."

Alright. Today's:
So last night we went to PI, as I said. We walked around for a bit, and then went to the Digg (under water aquarium). it was pretty fun. We were a few minutes late to the fireworks because we were still underground and didn't notice. They were good though. We went out to the Twin Brothers, this famous fish fry place and got Conch Fritters. But I didn't get any. Because I still haven't been hungry lately. I've taken to only eating lunch. It's weird. I'm still hydrated and stuff though, so no worries. I think it's just the heat and such.
Anyway, Antinique was here today! I was soo excited to see her. She even remembered me, which was super surprising. She did however have a lot of issues. Talking to Felicia, we think the structure was too much for her, and of course she just wants love and attention. One of the women in the group was like her best friend today so she helped her a lot. Admittedly, I was some-what jealous, but I knew it was to be expected, and I was just glad she was going well. I spent more time with Courtney and Sasha today too. Me and Laticia helped them because the three girls and AJ (he's 5) have a group to themselves since they're so much younger than the others.
Today the slide for the water sports ripped. So instead, we created a slip and slide (: It was probably the best idea we've had. The kids loved it. A few knocked their heads on the ground when they slid, but they were fine. We then instigated sliding on their stomachs, which worked a lot better.
Tomorrow is Tex's birthday. I believe we're doing something, but I'm not sure what yet. At the very least we're getting cake and Jannicka is making lasagna. I know that Nina and Jackheil are coming back so that'll be nice too!
Update again because that never got to post. I joined the group outside after dinner today. Corn hole and hammock time (: Then devos. That was awesome. All of us singing and praying and everything. So cool. I also talked to Jessica a lot. About why I'm here, about the All Saints camp, etc. She's so sweet. I love her (:
Okay, bed time!


  1. I know you are doing God's work and having a good time doing it, but please come home! I miss you!

  2. Sure, the time I NEED you to have internet....I really need to talk to you girl! I know God is in control but we have GOT to get your school funding taken care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited you got to see "your" kids today I know how much you wanted to see them. I swear I would not be able to leave without one stuffed in my suitcase, soooooooooo sweet!!!

    I love ya and miss you like crazy!