Friday, 29 July 2011

"This was the best year at camp I've had for 4 years!"

Well... camp's over! :(
I can't believe I'm almost leaving! 6 weeks have gone by so fast! Mark and Eric both asked me today which kid I'll miss the most, but I don't think I could pick just one! I'm going to miss them all so much! They're so super sweet and annoying and awesome all at the same time!

To cap things off...
Last night we had a farewell/end of summer party. All the summer staff came to the ALC and we played Just Dance. I also made a new best friend. I want to keep him so bad! Someone donated this little baby raccoon to us and so we've had to get him used to humans. I held him for about 3-4 hours straight last night. He sat on my shoulder while I ate and while I danced, and he fell asleep in my arms. I wish I could get him passed airport security! Anyway, The night was really fun. Lots of pizza and dancing and laughing.

Today started out with Laticia playing Rebecca Black's "Friday" song. No one but Tex and I fully understood. We stared in horror at the screen while everyeone else just listened to the song. haha. We went on a field trip to Port Charlotte today. Really interesting. From the 18th and 19th century. So many cool things I learned. Then we went back to camp, watched a movie "What If?" (well party of it. I want to finish it!) Then we had our awards as usual for Fridays, and then went out for some cake and punch!
It was a good last day. A couple of the kids were super upset that it was over. Alexandria even told me that it was the best year of camp she's had so far and begged me to come back next year. A couple did. Zoe kept telling me over and over that she wishes I was her sister. Mathai, the little rascal, asked if I'd come back for him next summer. It's so hard to leave them!
Tonight I went out with Eric and Tex for some good ol' fashioned fast food, Wendy's, and then watched a movie. I came back and ended up sitting in the hammock for a good half our staring at the night sky. It's so pretty here. God's SO creative and awesome!

Tomorrow Eric leaves. I'm going with him and possibly Tex in the morning to Bonefish Pond and Clifton Heights to do something. BUT, I won't tell you till later. It's a secret (;

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  1. Ahh but the memories you will take with you!!!

    Now this is VERY important...DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT pick up a coon in the park/field here and try to cuddle with will NOT end well!