Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Some day I'm going to write a book: A Day in the Life at All Saints."

Wow. What another day at the AIDS camp. I swear, no matter how many times you go there, it's never going to stop shocking you...
So many things changed, and yet everything is still the same. Some buildings were torn down and others were being built. A Solar panel was sitting in the entrance, but apparently it's all for show, and it will never be used. Corruption at it's best. Just like America.
I spent some time with a couple of the residents that I didn't get to before. I changed a few diapers, fed Natasha, caught a lizard and tadpole with the little boys, almost stepped on a rat, and was close to tears multiple times.
Andrew, whom Adam Moore from JU gave his cross necklace to the last time we were here, is still wearing it. He apparently accepted Christ sometime in March! :D However, he currently has an intestinal infection and is not doing well at all. No one will take him in to the doctor. Paulette is doing better. She was up and walking around and talking more today. She told me that she remembers me and that she loves me. We took a new picture together, and she asked if I'd be able to get it back to her so she can hang it in her room (The residents tend to keep pictures of missionaries with them) I think I'll send it to Stacie and have her print it and bring it down when she comes in the next couple weeks.
I saw the girls again today. The first time I saw Antonique this morning was a typical movie scene, it broke my heart. She was walking through camp with this solemn looks on her face, dragging a stick behind her. Either she doesn't remember me or she didn't care enough to show it. Coco and Sasha and AJ did though. Sasha had a moment of recognition and then jumped up to me. AJ just stared at me and smiled as I walked up to him. Courtney just chatted right away when I got there. Antonique stayed aside and didn't really talk to me. She pushed the other kids around a lot I noticed. I witnessed/heard a couple of the girls getting screamed at and beaten today. Once again, broke my heart. Antonique's dad is back at the camp now. I'm not sure if that's a good thing though.. Apparently her mother is now prostituting herself and her dad is smoking and possibilities of doing things to Antonique. He and her mom (no idea where she is) said that anyone who wants to adopt her can go right ahead; they don't care. Man, if only I could. I guess all I can do is pray she'll end up somewhere else...
There are more kids at the camp than I'd realized. Quite a few younger boys, a couple older boys, and another little girl. Plus at least two babies. I met Mario (He looks about 3 or 4) Darrell (maybe 7?) and a couple other little boys. I saw Daniel again too. He, Mario, and Darell and I messed around a lot. They'd try to tickle me and I'd just trap them. They were a lot of fun.

Basically nothing has changed at the camp. Miss Moxey still says "Thank God for life!" all the time and has more joy than I could ever imagine. Arthur still sings his heart out, and Lily still loves her comic books. Life moves on, even when it's in such conditions as this.

God bless all these 'Saints'. <3

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  1. Can you bring that little one home in your suitcase?! I promise we'll make sure to take the best care of her! I am so saddened by your report. :(