Thursday, 30 June 2011

"You Americans have really soft hair!"

Today was one for the books. No doubt about it.
To start, our Paper Mache failed. We came in this morning to see all but 4 completely deflated. The balloons didn't pop, but imploded, deflated, shrunk into nothingness, etc. So then Nina and I had to come up with a new craft idea for the day since we couldn't paint the globes. We looked for a good hour in the supply closet. We had a lot of ideas, but they all failed for some reason or another. Usually it was because we didn't have enough of something. We did however find a giant bag of glue bottles. So at least all the glue we wasted yesterday was replaced! We ended up finding these necklaces in a bag, something bought by the gross. We decided to untie the knot on the strings and add beads of our own to make necklaces. The kids were pretty excited about it, and we counselors made some as well (:
After lunch was supposed to be our afternoon activities. Today we were going to go on the train, petting farm tour, and watch a movie in the AC. Now for a bit of background, we always tease the kids about the gorilla that lives out beyond the trails. Because there's been a few times in the past when someone dresses up in the gorilla costume to scare the kids. So while on the train ride we talked about it again. I was on the first train ride with the 6-9 year olds. As we were coming back from the wetlands tour, Kevin (one of our new volunteers) comes jumping out of the bush with the gorilla mask on. (I'll admit, I screamed). The kids freaked out at first and then laughed.
So then we went inside for the movie while the older kids went on the train ride and met up with us. As we were getting the kids settled inside, Shaval runs in with this horrified look on his face and says "They beat up the monkey!" Jackhiel and I just looked at each other and laughed. But upon seeing how serious Shaval was, we stopped. He said that Kevin went to scare the older kids and they legitimately beat him up. Later, we found out that a few of the older boys knew someone was coming to scare them. Without going into details, some used sticks and some just kicked and punched but Kevin ended with a blow to the head and dragging one of the children inside to tell us what happened. Kevin was okay, but we've never seen the kids act like that. They even got it recorded. That video looks like something you'd find on the internet or the news about a hazing experience or something. Super scary. Chamille was going to talk to the parents when the picked up the kids. Just wow.
Don't get me wrong though. It was a good day. A few events out of the ordinary, but it wasn't actually a horrible day. Things were taken care of and God kept us enduring (:


  1. bummer on the ruined craft but yeah on the replacements.

    OMGOSH on the beating up of Kevin part, how scary!!! I hope the kids realize how dangerous that was and are punished!

  2. It sounds like some of the kids experienced a mob scary! But kudos on the rest of the day.

    PS I think your paper mache failed because of the humidity. The glue didn't have time to dry before the balloon shrunk.