Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"You're Katy Perry! *laughs* Hey, wait! I want to count all your freckles!"

Day Two!
Wow, what a blast. Today seemed to go a lot quicker and smoother than yesterday. Not that yesterday was slow, definitely not. Everything flowed better today though. I got the chance to take more pictures today, that was fun. And it was our first beach day! We go 2-3 days each week. It was so much fun. I'm definitely burnt, though...But hey, that's alright. While on the bus, the kids sang all the songs again. It was awesome. I could just feel the presence of God, once again!
I was in charge of the after care program today (the kids can stay up to an hour and a half after camp if their parents can't get them yet). They watched this weird movie about sharing. They were boys, so they weren't exactly excited. Then we put in Veggie Tales. So since there was only 3 of them, we forgot about the movie and just played around. Somehow it turned into this zombie attack game where one person was it and had to infect the rest of us. So funny.

Anyway, tonight the summer staff is all getting together to watch a movie in the Centre. I did this last night with Tex, Eric, and Rumell. (Each time I spell their names different only because I'm finally learning how it's correct. haha) Oh, and I also joined Mission Discovery (the other youth group from Philly) in their worship and devotions. It was kind of awkward, but I got a lot of good conversation with the adults. haha.

Here's some of my favorite pics of the day. Check facebook for the rest! (:

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  1. You are making memories left and right! Keep up the good work, Kaitlyn!