Saturday, 18 June 2011

"Ask a reef shark and you'll get answers, but ask a shark and you'll just get denial."

Once upon a time, I was sitting here pretty bored on my first weekend. I peeled vegetables, read outside (but couldn't stay too long because of the crazy heat), and watched HP7 on my laptop. But then Tex came over and asked if I wanted to join them to go diving and spear fishing. I figured why not?! So I went with them, and I'm super glad I did. We took the long way there along the coast to the west side of the island. Jamming and rocking out to Gospel music on the radio (:
Tex showed us the place he had to jump off a cliff for Patmos. He told me for initiation that I had to, but he didn't actually mean it. I'm okay with the idea of jumping off a small cliff into the water, but defnitely not where he showed us. That was SUPER high. Anyway, we went to Clifton Heights National Park or something like that. There's these stairs there from like the 1700s that the pirates made in order to get to shore away from all the Nassau officials! Super cool. So then we went to the reef/cliff area we'd be going to. Eric and Tex went in snorkeling. Eric, who's done this a million times, took the spear gun with him and tried to catch a few fish (unsuccessfully). Tex was only in for maybe fifteen minutes. Then he came back up and we talked for a little bit while Eric was still down in the water.
Then Eric came back up and it was my turn! (: So I went snorkeling for the first time! It was awesome. I didn't see many fish at first, but then after awhile I did. I even saw a reef shark! It was crazy!! As I was climbing up the barnacles though, I cut my leg. Well no, more like a scratch. I bled for like 2 seconds. No biggie. We all packed up and went home then. I took a shower, I'm about to make some chicken nuggets, and then I'm going over to the centre to play cards with them. I think we're finally bonding. haha. Yay! (:


  1. Just so you don't get barnacle poisoning or something!!!!

    Awesome pictures!

  2. The water is beautiful as are the rocks, but the reef shark sighting would have scared the water out of ME! LOL I'm glad to hear you are bonding. HUGS