Friday, 24 June 2011

"You look like you just got out of a paintball war!"

The above quote is in reference to my EXTREMELY mosquito-bitten legs. It's quite ridiculous, actually. I itch non-stop; hydro-cortisone cream doesn't even work! :(

Anyway, today ended our first week of camp! It was a complete blast! I'm not so sure how well the garden will end up, but I tried my best this week. Speaking of which, I made a pesticide with the kids today. First experience with goat peppers, and I've learned my lesson. Those things are horrid! We were supposed to cut them up and then bled them with water. Miss Ada (our awesome cook) told me to make sure I wash my hands before I do anything else. I didn't really think about it, but I listened anyway. About 15 minutes later, my face BURNED. Apparently I didn't wash my hands enough and rubbed my chin/upper lip. It stung so bad! And it was like that for a good two hours. And that was just from cutting them! Later when I blended them up with the kids, the smell alone was enough to knock me out. Wow. Next week I am in charge of crafts. I think I'll go online and find some fun jungle themed crafts. (:
Anyway, I had playground duty this morning, so I hang out with the kids at 8am as they arrive at the centre. I was playing soccer with some of the boys when I slid in a mud puddle and crashed to my knees. I was covered in nasty gray mud. So I went to the barn to wash it off only to find that I was bleeding. So now my legs are covered with bites AND scratches. Yayyy. :/
We got oranges at lunch today. I don't know the last time I had an orange that good. Wow. Oh yeah, and I have to talk to Eric about taking me grocery shopping this weekend. Tomorrow there's a birthday party at the ALC (The place can be rented our for parties and such). I'm not sure what we're supposed to do for it, but I know we have to help. So we'll see how that goes. Tonight Mark is having a get-together at his house for all of the summer staff. I think all of us aer going to, so it should be fun and crowded and a good time (:

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  1. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I think you are going to come home with scars!