Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"Aracadabra Alakazam! Open your eyes and turn into a clam!"

Week 2 Day 2!
Nothing major happened today. Crafts went well, ending with my hands completely rainbow colored, but hey, it's all good (:
I went along with the kids to sports today. Shaval was in charge this week. We went out to where Patmos does all their challenges. The kids had to knock each other off logs with either a ball or noodles, depending on which log they were on. It was fun to watch and cheer them on.
Lunch was awesome spaghetti again. Not the normal stuff. haha. (homemade sauce with corn, 2-3 diff kinds of beans, carrots, and something else thrown into the sauce. Talk about delicious.)
Today was Water Sports day so I got soaked yet again in the yards of the ALC.
Supposedly Tex, Eric, and Rumell and I are watching another movie tonight. Last night Tex came over to do laundry and we chilled waiting for it. I finally added most of my new friends here on facebook. (:


  1. Too fun! I'm not sure cheering on kids who are beating each other up is a good idea is it?? LOL JK

    Now to play mommy, are you wearing your sunscreen to all these events? ;)

  2. Your normal days would excite me to no end! LOL