Monday, 20 June 2011

"You sound like you're from one of those American movies!!!"

Wow. I love Jesus. And I love children (:

Today was the first day of camp! It went super well. We only had about 25 kids or so, but it was still amazing! The gardening went over better with the 7-9 year olds than with the 10-12 kids, but that's just because they were more excited. I made a lot of friends today(: Even the boys wanted to talk and play with me, which, unless they're under 6 years old, they tend to chose the male staff over me. I never cared, but today it was awesome to have all the little boys excited to walk with me to. And the staff is starting to mesh really well too! Danaj, Shaval, and Pareece are starting to willingly talk to me and everyone else instead of just sticking to their family. We had a giant soccer game, counselors vs. children. In the 90 degree heat. It was super fun though. Being outside for 7 hours and sweating bullets the whole time? I'm going to come back a million shades darker and a few pounds lighter for sure! :P


  1. So cool! I am so happy for you! And this blog was a very good idea! :)

  2. fun fact: I love children too!