Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"So if I'm hungry I just bite myself!"

I'd count today as a success, all things considered.
Craft was chaotic though... Paper Mache. I don't need to say anything more. haha. I think a total of a dozen balloons popped, my hands were completely glued, and I don't want to see another newspaper strip for a very long time... But the kids mostly had fun. And while we were helping them, all us counselors had a huge debate about which Disney classics were the best and which old Nickelodeon shows were better than others. Mom- No one could believe I wasn't allowed to watch Ahh! Real Monsters or Angry Beavers! haha. It was a lot of fun though. Dara started singing the Just Keep Swimming song from Finding Nemo, and I found out Shaval loves Finding Nemo just as much as me! haha. Jannicka and I sang the theme song of Fresh Prince, and I was super impressed when one of the younger girls knew it.
Right before lunch it started to rain. It stopped for a little bit, and started back up as soon as we got to the beach. I didn't go swimming today because my neck has hurt the past couple days (I slept on it wrong the other night) so I figured that a million kids on my back and neck would not be a good idea. Instead I helped build sand castles in the sand. Until I got water dumped on me a few times and was as wet as everyone else. Luckily I knew that would happen so I wore my swimsuit anyway.
As a recap of last night: Tex, Eric, and I watched Harry Potter7. The bad news? I had to explain just about everything to them. The good news? I got to show off my geekiness. :P


  1. Kaitlyn, you are having entirely too much fun! Come home NOW! Please?

  2. Yes, you are definitely having WAY too fun it must stop now!

    Don't feel sorry for yourself your sister is not allowed to watch Sponge Bob at least you guys saw that! LOL

    Your uncle Kenny will be here next week with Gpa so we'll tell him hi for ya!